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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is a strategy used to distribute investments among various classes of investment vehicles, such as stocks and bonds.

Several stages are involved in the Financial Innovations, LLC approach to the asset management process. Our first goal is to help our clients feel comfortable and build a sense of trust. Second, we learn more about their situation and goals, including both emotional as well as financial goals. Next, we educate clients about options to meet these goals, and finally, we work with them to implement a Financial/Emotional Plan™.

We typically use no-load mutual funds that have a competitive fee ratio. This provides diversification as well as cost efficiency. In determining the investments to recommend, we look at each mutual fund manager, as well as the fund family and other relevant factors.

In addition, we recommend stocks, individual corporate and municipal bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, and other investment vehicles. In some cases, we recommend bond funds, depending on market conditions.