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How We Work

Financial Innovations, LLC invites you to schedule an initial, complimentary consultation today. At that first meeting you will have the opportunity to learn about our firm and together we will assess how we can best meet your needs.

As a fee-based financial planning/wealth management firm, Financial Innovations, LLC tailors pricing to meet each client’s needs. We work on a set fee or a percent of assets under management depending on your needs.

Prior to your complimentary consultation, we recommend you print out and complete the following documents:

  1. Document Checklist
  2. Financial Planning Questions
  3. Personal Budget Worksheet
  4. Personal Information Sheet

Promptly after the first meeting, we will prepare a written proposal detailing the areas we will analyze and outlining, in detail, your fee options. If you decide to work with us, you will also receive a customized financial plan that includes:

  • a personal financial statement
  • an income tax projection
  • cash flow calculations
  • financial independence results
  • asset allocation model
  • estate planning review
  • insurance evaluations
  • employee benefits advice

Each plan also includes a written assessment including a "to do" checklist. After you review the initial plan, it is then modified to meet your financial and emotional goals, ultimately creating a "Financial/Emotional Plan."

Our goal is to assist you in meeting your plan goals. As your "financial quarterback" we are working with you side-by-side and handling any questions or concerns that may arise during implementation.